About us


Classic furniture is naturally aged furniture for subtle luxury interiors in the classic style. The furniture purchased from us will become a great decoration in the home of a lover of classics, and in the modern interior it will enliven and warm the strict lines of modern design. The furniture pulsates with the warmth of handwork, the unique aging technology makes each piece of furniture unique.

The main goal of classic furniture manufacturers is the quality of restored furniture from various historical periods, maintaining the intact stylistic consistency and historicity of the furniture. The possibilities of the latest information technologies and consistent research of the history of furniture production allow to achieve excellent work results, combining historical stylistics, classical grace with the strict requirements of these times.

The masters of the furniture we offer faithfully follow the traditions of the old masters of furniture. Ancient tricks of cutting and joining allow the tree to "move", avoiding cracks and deformation. The furniture is decorated with decorative details and inlays, hand-carved. The products are varnished with "open pore" varnish, aged using natural clay, beeswax of ancient recipes and rubber varnish.

Many years of experience of furniture masters allow to make furniture that is not only beautiful, high-quality, but also radiates special warmth and coziness, which has not "seen" death, wars and painful experiences, which is made of ecological wood, "obsolete" in a few days, and not for centuries, but ready to serve for a very long time.

We believe that you will definitely discover what you have been looking for for a long time.